Assembly and mounting

Assembly complete, assembly of automatic machines – including pneumatic, hydraulic and electric components -, precision mechanics and third party work. Calzoni’s thirty-year history originates from these professional skills that have seen us assist companies in their production processes, ensuring precision, skills and timeliness.

Our vision, however, has pushed us further. Today our service platform for industrial production on behalf of third parties presents itself as an opportunity for customers to enhance their processes throughout the supply chain.

Starting from the assisted co-design and prototyping, also through the use of 3D printers, decisive steps to reduce the time and improve the technical and design quality of the products or to check the feasibility of new ideas.

During the assembly and assembly activities we act as head of the job, managing, even with the help of partners, turning, threading or machining, welding and finishing, we can accelerate the time-to-market of the products. Our production service platform can also count on an industrial painting department that ensures a rapid and high quality process taking care of the pre-treatment, sanding, washing and anti-corrosion and anti-wear treatments. Upstream of the whole supply chain there could only be a strict quality control of the components of the finished products: a procedure that we apply to each customer and to each type of order before delivery. When necessary, we also proceed through tests with specialized technicians to issue appropriate certifications before considering the order.


Calzoni assemblaggi is also co-designing on behalf of the client with a technical office with dedicated resources and software.

Today we can also support the customer in the design and prototyping of machines or products to get the best results in even shorter times, both for particular experimentation projects and for technical improvement or design of existing products.

Quality control and testing

Calzoni assemblaggi is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company and as such it periodically subjects checks on every procedure: organizational, operational and administrative.
This aspect is a guarantee for the customers who, however, does not increase in any way the costs of the services.

The qualitative verification of assembled and finished products is a standard procedure applied to each customer and for each type of job order before delivery. As well as the execution and issue of test cards.
On request we also perform quality control of incoming materials.