Since 1988 we are a reference point in outsourcing

Since 1988 Calzoni operates on the market with a well-defined mission: to be a qualified reference in the outsourcing of production processes.

With a focus on assembling and assembling third parties, our core business, our service platform today covers all stages of the supply chain: co-design assisted and prototyping, third-party machining, industrial painting and treatments Quality control and testing.

We are partners of companies that, in production peaks or simply for structural reorganization, have the necessity of external partners, dynamic and flexible, inspired by the collaborative principles typical of “industrial production of third parties”.

Together with them we work to optimize the production chain, improve the products, reduce errors and accelerate the time-to-market.

Our ability to operate according to high quality standards has been sanctioned by ISO 9001:2015 Certification, which represents an additional guarantee for customers.

The strong reputation achieved and the confidence of the market has allowed us to grow steadily. We have always reinvested resources in new professional skills and technologies, expanding work spaces and logistics with the aim of continuing to be, even in the future, a point of reference in the field of production outsoutrcing.

Our mission

“We want to be a qualified and reliable point of reference in the processes of assembly and assembly decentralization;
a long-term partner who accompanies customers in the phases of product realization and improvement.
To achieve these goals we constantly strive to invest in new skills, tools and infrastructures”