In 2020 we are all part of an interconnected global network where people, objects, means of transport, palaces and entire

Internal processes, quality, efficiency, time-compliance, customer satisfaction. This is what Calzoni takes care of every day. But there is also...

Much attention to the regulations on the protection of personal data. With the GDPR we have witnessed a wave of comments, c
What does the latest edition of the quarterly report written by the Ministry of Economic Development (Mise) and Infocam

"America First," says Trump. The most obvious translation is a policy of duties that is opening up real planetary trade...

The introduction of the so-called "Dignity Decree" aims to combat the forms of precarious, especially the juven
The blockchain Tecnoloigia, known to date mainly to be the channel of exchange of cryptocurrenci
In a context strongly conditioned by digitalization, artificial intelligence, robotics and smart working, which
It is so much about the importance of digitisation to grow our businesses. All true, all right.

1350 sqm of space dedicated to islands of assembly,150 MQ of office Building, ready to end of 2018, and 3000...