Several times we have told how digital technologies are today relentlessly connected to the way we do

On December 5th, at the Modena Fair, Calzoni participates in "CNA NetWork Business Day 2018". This is a consolidated event...

A hard year, of commitment and investment, but that has brought very encouraging results also for the future. Calzoni exceeded...

News that let you think. After Versace, champion of fashion Made in Italy, the Gruppo marche i Guzzini w
An interesting mechanism that of the alternation of school-work. Specifically designed to respond to that disc
Immersed continuously in messages on Enterprise 4.0 (re-brand of Industry 4.0, just to confuse a little ' the water), a

A significant signal that establishes the growth of the company in terms of potential in the services offered to customers. T

A recently launched project, able to accompany start-ups and neo-Nate companies in the crucial period that anticipates the decisive leap in
One certainty. The uncertainty. In recent times a series of information on the health of the Italian economy has been disseminate