Italy leader in the medical laser aesthetics

Italy leader in the medical laser aesthetics

One of the markets that is developing the most is also the Italian flag.

For the medical laser aesthetic, Italy is the fourth country in the world and the growth prospects are even more encouraging than the present. But behind this sector, meticulous controls are hidden that the competent bodies carry out to protect those who work with machinery for medical aesthetics but above all patients.

The equipment in question must pass a series of tests to be certified by the notified bodies: electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and measurement of the various emissions some of these. Only after a positive outcome of the latter can the CE mark be issued with the four identifying letters of the lender.

This represents a first difference between a medical device and an aesthetic device. If this sector boasts a global market of 15 billion euros a year, with annual growth rates of 10% it is also a bit thanks to Italy.

One of the excellences of the boot, for example, is represented by medical tattoos, ie skin repigmentation procedures.

It is mostly used by women who have undergone breast cancer treatment following a mastectomy.